MTÜ EA of Kickboxing


Mustakivi Trade Center , 2 Floor

Room 33







MTÜ EA of Kickboxing

The Estonian Academy of Kickboxing is the strongest kickboxing club in Estonia

The Estonian Academy of Kickboxing (EAK) was founded in 2006 and remains the strongest kickboxing club in Estonia. During the past three years the club has managed to achieve the title of best club by the results of team scores. Many fighters of The Estonian Academy of Kickboxing have attained remarkable results in international competitions.

Estonian Academy of Kickboxing aims to enable the best training conditions of kickboxing, MMA, K-1 and Muay Thai for professional sportsmen as well as for amateurs, beginners, children and senior people. The head instructor of The Estonian Academy of Kickboxing is Mr Dmitri Vorobyov, the world champion. No matter what age or how fit you are, it is your will and desire to participate that matter!

Mustakivi keskus, II korrus,  Box 33

Mahtra 1, 13811 Tallinn, ESTONIA


Dmitri Vorobjov

Head instructor

Phone: (+372) 56 670 196

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